Search and Rescue

Annual Maritime SAR Awards: Amver Special Award Winner

The Amver participating auto carrier Hercules Leader rescued six people from a disabled catamaran 275 miles southwest of Bermuda Jan. 19, 2017, and its captain and crew has been selected to receive this year's AFRAS maritime search and rescue Amver Special Award. The...

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Annual Maritime SAR Awards: C-Port Award Winner

Capt. Nathan Lins, of TowBoatUS Catalina, in California, was selected as the recipient of this year's AFRAS C-Port search and rescue award, for saving the life of a man who went overboard. Lins was towing a disabled boat when he heard the mayday call for help come...

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Boat w/ 750 Aboard Capsizes – Volunteers to the Rescue

The volunteer rescue service from Malta, Maritime Offshore Aid Station, had a dramatic rescue last week. While most were rescued, 33 men, women, and children were lost. AFRAS is proud to support these volunteer lifesavers in their heroic efforts.  Please...

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